ArtySpace aims to support artists and creatives, at all levels, by providing an enriching experience that allows them to enhance the art community with their work. We also strive to facilitate an educational environment that both inspires and guides.


Residential Landscaping

This class tackles the different aspects of the landscape design process. Workshop sessions focus on design methods using site analysis techniques and schematic design tools. You will consult with the instructor and work on projects of your own choosing. Discussions about plants and habitats are interspersed with lectures, including criteria for plant choices and determining placement. Weekly project development strengthens learning objectives.

Portrait Sculpture

Sculpting is a powerful form of expression that allows artists to tell stories and capture a moment, an expression, or a feeling with their work. Ahmed Kamal, sculptor whose works can be found at art fairs, experiments with shapes, empty spaces, and materials like clay to create strikingly realistic characters from everyday life and coin designs.

In this course, learn how to sculpt a half-scale clay portrait, from choosing your model to the finishing touches. Discover the different stages of modeling and shaping a bust and focus on minute details to craft an expressive face and bring a sculpture to life with your own hands.


By the end of the course, you will have

– learned how to use woodworking hand tools
– learned to identify and use selected woodworking power tools
– learned the woodworking terminology
– learned woodworking techniques and practices
– gained skills in planning, and developing a cutting list
– made a functional woodworking project

Kufic Calligraphy

Explore the ancient Arabic script style of Kufic by learning to write a short text using traditional artistic practices

Kufic is a style of Arabic calligraphy that was born during the Islamic Golden Age. It emphasizes beauty in its composition, blending harmony of proportion and consistency of form. Though the style of Kufic script has faded over the last thousand years, artist Hasanin Mokhtar keeps the practice alive, specializing and teaching the artistic techniques behind this beautiful art.

Digital painting

Learn digital painting from scratch by learning how to capture lighting, color, and volume with brushes in Photoshop.

Create an original digital painting in Photoshop with Muhammed Saeed step-by-step process and expert insights. See how to sharpen your perception of tonal values, understand lighting, and learn to apply different techniques to create a digital painting filled with realism.

Book Illustration

In this course, learn how to illustrate educational books for young audiences. Discover all the essential elements, how to interact with children, and the importance of creating stimulating and constructive material for the little ones. By the end, you’ll be able to design and illustrate a publication with a solid educational foundation.